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MCS is a company that operates on the Croatian market since the beginning of 1992. In this period we have made a number of small, medium and large projects on which we are very proud. Our solutions are tailor-made and are made by the desire and vision of the customer. They are upgraded by our experience, knowledge and skills.
Our customers are satisfied customers and we try to keep that.
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About us

Mission and vision

MCS is a software development company specialized in analysis, design and implementation of computer systems for public administration offices and business companies. The company was founded in 1992 and today it hires 18 highly qualified employees specialized in information technology.

The company's aim is to design projects and programmes that will suit the buyer, to adjust computer support to the requirements of a business process, to introduce positive experience as well as to keep track of and to integrate the latest advances in technology.


MCS consists of project department specialized in various fields of application, technical and system support and database. There is also a board of directors responsible for management, finances and department coordination.

  • The application department consists of the project leader, designers and programmers specialized in specific user areas.
  • The technical and system support department provides and develops the technical infrastructure of MCS and of all the users of MCS' services. The technical support deals with personal computers, operating systems, computer network, the Internet communication and the connection with and among the users.
  • The database department deals with the database installation and configuration as well as with computer programming languages for client-server and web interface. It provides application teams with support and introduces them to new database and programming solutions.

Soliditet AAA Zlatna kuna Oracle partner


Development of information systems

Maintenance and Support of information systems

Computer equipment, networks and communications

Our skills

More than 25 years, we are designing, programming and implementing information systems, with the constant improvement of the production process and the use of new, proven and appropriate technology. The team that has always been together, very effectively, and sometimes just incredibly, resolves the issues that initially act as impossible. The combination of knowledge, tradition and experience is able to solve every enigma.


  • Databases: Oracle, PostgreSQL, ZIM, MySQL
  • Web: PHP, JavaScript, ExtJS, CSS, Apache, GeoServer
  • Desktop: Delphi
  • Operating systems: Windows, Linux, QNX, Mac, Android, iOS

Portfolio - Information Systems


  • Transaction account issuing module
  • INO Accounts Module (English, German)
  • Calculation Module - Domestic and INO
  • Retail: POS and Mobile POS Cashier (Adroid Portable Devices)
  • eRačuni
  • Module for Amazon Business

Business IS

  • Financial business
  • Commodity business
  • Evidence of funds
  • Wages
  • eShifts
  • Work orders
  • Utility billing
  • Production organization support
  • eInvoicing

Municipal IS (KomGO) ACTUAL!

  • Central communal records and calculations
  • Field data collection
  • Market and fair (portable android devices)
  • Bookkeeping system
  • Recycling yard
  • Driver working time record
  • Waste disposal site
  • Work orders - organization of work and activities
  • Green areas

IS for construction

  • Norms
  • Bills
  • Prospects
  • Situations
  • Analysis and calculations

Trade IS

  • Retail
  • Warehouse
  • Mobile cash register
  • eOrder

Documentation IS
Records management

  • Records management
  • The records of archives

Geographic information system of local and regional government (LoGIS) NEW!

  • Real estate records and facilities
  • Utility Fee Module (Real Estate Taxes)
  • Agricultural Land Management Module
  • Taxpaying Module for Public Space Use
  • Concession Approval Module
  • Municipal contribution Module
  • Utility Infrastructure Management Module
  • Property Registration Module
  • Module for keeping the register of non-classified roads
  • Graphic display of information on all the modules mentioned
  • Graphic view of publicly available services
  • Print rescripts and envelopes

Public health IS

  • CIPAN - The records of cytological and histopathological findings
  • PRETIL - The records of preventing overweight and obesity
  • Nutric - nutritional module for nutrition survey (integral with PRETIL)
  • eMikrona - an application for insight into the microbiological findings issued by the ZJZ for the needs of family medicine practitioners

Interactive tourist map (Visit info) NEW!

  • Administration module to add facilities
  • Module to display the entered objects on the map, with accompanying information

Cash register GREAT OFFER!

  • PC cash register (PC, laptop)
  • Mobile cash register (Tablet, smartphone)

Automated business with Amazon NEW!

  • Software that links business with Amazon
  • Avoiding errors with various transcripts
  • Creating a bookkeeping account
  • Merchandise dispatches
  • Conversion of currency into kuna equivalent
  • Tax calculation

Other solutions

  • Veterinary clinic
  • Register of socially insured people
  • Colleges and schools - student records
  • ULPro - sale of cinema tickets with keeping and tracking records on the sales and production cinema system

Mobile IS

  • Mobile cash register
  • Cadastral navigator

Cadastre IS

  • Land Cadastre
  • Records management
  • Katastar.hr
  • Cadastral maps
  • Cadastral navigator

Civil registry IS

  • Voters list
  • Birth register
  • Register of marriages
  • The death register
  • The register of citizens


  • Central Record of state agricultural lands
  • GIS overview of the state agricultural lands
  • GIS for allotment of the state agricultural lands



Strahoninec, Poljska 61
40000 Čakovec
Republic of Croatia




00385 40 334 555


00385 40 334 535



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